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    Wise County Application for Employment

    Development Rules and Regulations (2 MB, Amendment Attached) 

    Form CIQ, Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

Development Services

    Application for Development Permits

    Application for a New Wise County 9-1-1 Address


    Application for Pipeline Utility Permit

    Floodplain Development Permit Application Form

    Permit to Construct Access Driveway Facilities on ROW

    Permit to Construct Gas Pipeline

Emergency Management

   Strategic National Stockpile Emergency Volunteer Application

Fire Marshal

    "After the Fire" - A listing of important telephone numbers you may find useful (download now, they're useful before a fire, also!)

Public Works

    Affidavit for Aerobic Systems Only

    Application for OSSF Permit

    Design Sheet for Standard Installs

    Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

    How to Obtain an OSSF Permit 

    Site Evaluation Report

    Wise County Park Rules


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