What public online information is available?

Unfortunately, we do not have specific tax or filed information available online at this time. We expect to have civil and criminal case filings online by summer 2011.

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1. Who issues Building Permits in Wise County?
2. Who do I apply with for Tax exemptions, like homestead or agricultural?
3. I would like to know who owns the Mineral Rights to a piece of Property, how do I find out? I need to update my address or information, who do I contact?
4. Who do I contact about Probate filings?
5. I want to find tax Information on a Manufactured Home. Who do I contact?
6. What public online information is available?
7. Can I renew my vehicle registration online?
8. What are the Animal Laws in Wise County?
9. I am looking for County Deed Records. Are these online?
10. Who do I contact about county road repairs?
11. Who do I contact with concerns about a drilling site?
12. Is it legal to shoot firearms on my property in the county?
13. Where do I get a Marriage License? Where do I get a copy of my Birth Certificate or a copy of a Death Certificate? Where do I file for a DBA Certificate?