Occupational Driver License

File for an Occupational Driver's License

Familiarize yourself with the requirements as set out in the Transportation Code Section 521.241 -521253. Follow the steps to file:

  • File a Petition with the appropriate Justice of the Peace office. Print the petition (PDF) or visit your local Justice of the Peace Office in Wise County.
  • Obtain and file an SR-22 Certificate of Insurance. An Insurance Agent may assist you in obtaining the SR-22.
  • Obtain and file a Driving Record. This can be requested from the Department of Public Safety website.
  • Obtain and file a letter from employer or school certificate if needed.
  • Be sure to gather all paperwork that the Petition requires listed under section 6.
  • Print, fill out and file the civil case information sheet (PDF).


This procedure can be very complicated. It may be beneficial to employ an attorney to assist you. The Judge, and the respective staff are prohibited by law to assist you in the preparing of the application or procedural steps taken after the Judge signs the order.